For Kids

We pride ourselves on being a fun & informative small-scale farming show for the whole family, including the children & the family dog. Whilst there are plenty of animals, big & small, domestic or farming, available to meet, greet & pet - we also have a number of activities & amusement for kids to enjoy.

Circus Workshop

Another big favourite of the show, Fiery Jack’s Circus Workshop is a hands-on, interactive & fun time suitable for all ages. Drop in on the workshop at any point & have complete free reign to try out any of the fun games & equipment available under supervision & led by professional instructors. Feel free to have a quick game of giant noughts & crosses, or stay for as long as you like with a game of over-sized chess. Fiery Jack’s Circus Workshop is great fun, and also teaches valuable co-ordination skills, reaction times, concentration & most of all, how to have fun. 

You won’t be able to miss Fiery Jack at the show, he’s the medieval themed clown walking around on stilts juggling with fire!


Situated next to the Food & Drinks area is our amusements area which features fun rides & activities for kids. Go Water Zorbing in our designated water pool. Experience what it feels like to be in a washing machine as you are completely free to move around inside the water-proof balls while rolling around on the water bumping into other balls. It’s great fun! If you fancy taking to the air, then try the Bungy Trampolines where you are securely harnessed to a large trampoline by bungee ropes. Jump high & effortlessly into the air, safely somersaulting frontwards or backwards in this super boosted gravity-defying ride. The great thing about this experience is it affords children the opportunity to try out an extreme sport safely whilst having fun & is great for boosting confidence & learning skills.

Help The Shepherd!

Our shepherd has lost his flock of sheep! Can you help us find them for him? Our shepherd can be a little stupid sometimes & forgot to lock the gate, d’oh! Our sheep have now escaped & must be hiding around the show ground somewhere. If you can help us find them then there will be a special prize for you to win. Please ask one of our helpers on the gates for a map & instructions to help find the missing sheep!

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