Fun Dog Show & Terrier Racing


We always try to make The Smallholders Show a great day out for the whole family, including the dog! We have been holding a Fun Dog Show for a number of years & is always a highlight of the weekend.

Returning to the show this year will be Fun Terrier Racing, which will be open to all small/medium breeds of terrier that visit the show. This 'have a go' racing is simply for the enjoyment of the terriers & owners alike! 

Our Fun Dog Show is a fun & informal event that any dog who visits the show can take part in, do you think you have the most handsome dog? Or the dog with the best movement? Then enter your beloved friend into any of the classes which will be judged by our dog experts. Rosettes (and treats!) will be awarded to 1st to 3rd in all classes & entry costs £2 per class.

Lurcher Show Classes (Sunday Only)

1. Junior Handler Under 15 Years
2. Smooth Lurcher Puppy 6-12 Months
3. Rough Lurcher Puppy 6-12 Months
4. Champion Lurcher Puppy – Winners Of 2 & 3
4a. Sapling Lurcher – 12-18 Months
5. Under 21” Lurcher Smooth/Rough Dog/Bitch
6. 23” And Under Smooth Lurcher Dog
7. 23” And Under Smooth Lurcher Bitch
8. 23” And Under Rough Lurcher Dog
9. 23” And Under Rough Lurcher Bitch
10. Over 23” To 26” Smooth Lurcher Dog
11. Over 23” To 26” Smooth Lurcher Bitch
12. Over 23” To 26” Rough Lurcher Dog
13. Over 23” To 26” Rough Lurcher Bitch
14. Over 26” Smooth Lurcher Dog or Bitch
15. Over 26” Rough Lurcher Dog or Bitch
(Classes may be amalgamated)
15a. Pairs (Any Mix or Match)
16. Best Bedlington Cross Lurcher Dog Or Bitch
17. Best Rescue Lurcher Or Sighthound Dog Or Bitch
18. Best Veteran Lurcher Over 7 Years
19. Best Purebred Sighthound
20. Best Working Condition Lurcher/Sighthound
21. Champion & Reserve Champion Lurcher In Show
(Winners Of Classes 5-15)

The show will take place in the Fun Dog Show space located next to the Blue Gate Entrance. 

Please register your interest in entering your dog before the dog shows start at 1:00pm on Saturday & Sunday. Please visit the Fun Dog space in the morning to register your interest.‚Äč

Fun Dog Show Classes (Saturday & Sunday)

1. A.V Puppy
2. A.V Gun Dog
3. A.V Hound
4. A.V Terrier
5. A.V Non-Sporting
6. Cross Breed Long or Rough Coated
7. Cross Breed Smooth Coated
8. Child Handler under 15 years.
9. Best Condition
10. Best Movement
11. Best Rescue
12. Best Veteran over 7 years old
13. Most Handsome Dog
14. Prettiest Bitch
15. The Dog the Judge would most like to take home
16. Best in Show.  All first prize winning dogs can compete.

Classes are subject to change. The Judges decision is final. 

All Entries are at owner’s risk.

The organisers take no responsibility for any loss, accident or injury to any person, animal or property, before, during or after the event.

For info and if interested in racing and trials at weekends please phone John Miles on 07752 643377
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